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I’m a software engineer, technology leader, and Microsoft MVP for Developer Technologies, specialising in Robotic Process Automation and .NET

I’m currently the Head of Software Development at NexBotix, a UK-based Software House on a mission to make automation technology accessible, affordable and easy to implement for businesses of any size.

I also create Software Engineering content on my blog and on my YouTube channel, where you can find quality, educational content that aims to make difficult technical concepts accessible to a wider audience.

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Insights into .NET, C# and Software Engineering

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Master SQL to Excel Data Export: Entity Framework & ClosedXML | ASP.NET Blazor Tutorial

Join me in this advanced Blazor tutorial where we dive into the seamless process of exporting SQL data to an Excel spreadsheet. Learn how to …

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How to Create Charts with Chart.js in ASP.NET Blazor

So you’re building an app that needs charts, and you want to use a well-supported chart library like Chart.js, but you’re building your app using Blazor. How do you avoid having to do lots of Javascript interop?

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To Var, or Not To Var? When to Use Var in Your C# Code

There’s a simple way to answer this question, and it all comes down to readability.

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